Celebrating a Milestone – 21 Years in Business

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Even as 2021 began under a cloud of uncertainty, there was a bright glow of light flickering in the window of a business in South Gloucestershire.

This warm glow in winter darkness came from twenty-one candles atop a birthday cake, as family-run independent mobility specialists, TVM Cheltenham Ltd, celebrated 21 rewarding and successful years in business. With even greater significance during these Covid times, twenty-one years in business is not only a milestone, but it also stands as a testament to a winning formula for success.

When congratulating Kevin on the company milestone he commented:

“The last 21 years have passed so quickly. At times it seems like only yesterday I set up as a sole trader. From the early days of building a client base and a network of trusted suppliers and industry partners, right through to today, we have seen many changes within the business and the industry. Recognition of the business, as one of the leading independent mobility specialists within the South West, is an achievement I am very proud of.

Now as we celebrate 21 years in business, we will reflect on the challenges and successes along the way, most recently throughout the crisis. It has most certainly been a team effort. Catherine and I are hugely proud of each member of TVM, individually and collectively, for their dedication and professional, skilled delivery of service to our clients. Without our team, we would not be where we are today.”

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has affected countless lives and businesses on a global scale. For business owners, this has meant having to adapt and respond quickly to fast-changing government directives.

When addressing the impact of Covid 19 on the business, Kevin responded:

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“The most significant impact was the need to increase my focus on the immediate situation or need at hand. This quickly became the right and the only way to act, and manage the ever-changing environment and government guidelines which led, almost daily, to prioritising work, enhancing safety measures, sourcing PPE, and maintaining and supporting the team and client confidence.
Adapting decisively became the norm in relation to working processes and the work environment. This included the introduction of working from home, a reduction of workshop-based working, and ‘in the moment’ adaptations to the working day.

On a positive note, 2020 saw new business opportunities and an increase in local work, within the South West. This led to the recruitment of extra staff including engineers and office staff, to efficiently manage the growing workload. Within our operating area, we experienced new growth in the private market, most noticeably in requests to supply, service, and maintain stairlifts.‘’

As an essential service provider, it was vital for the business to implement a solid approach to manage and sustain the team and business through the crisis.

Kevin commented:

“From the start of the pandemic, we responded by adapting to keep the business functioning. We aimed to fulfil existing and new contracts, by continuing a high standard of service for clients, whilst prioritising safe working practices. Responding in a calm and decisive manner enabled us to maintain job security and wellbeing for our employees. We were proud also to lend a hand, to support and assist industry partners and fellow mobility companies, when required.”

It is clear to see that the fruits of twenty-one years of extensive knowledge and experience within the mobility sector, equipped Kevin and his team with the right tools, mindset, and leadership approach to successfully navigate the company through stormy seas.

Looking forward to the year ahead in positively calmer times, Kevin shared his hopes:

“After the intensity of 2020, Catherine and I plan to transition more towards exploring and implementing longer-term objectives for business opportunities and growth. Most importantly, for us and our team, is to identify ways to improve work-life balance in this new ‘normal’ way of working. As a family-run business, we put our people first. Creating a strong and supportive team connection will help us thrive through any crisis and beyond.”

To Kevin and Catherine O’Leary, and the team at TVM Cheltenham Ltd – here is hoping the next 21 years are just as incredible and that you enjoy every moment. Happy 21st birthday!

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