Accessibility solution proves to be a positive asset

accessibility solution

Being able to get around school with ease is something most students take for granted. At times this may involve opening doors and climbing stairs.

Imagine you are wheelchair bound and you want to arrive at class on time. As you make your way through school, you’re faced with the challenge of heavy doors to open or ask for assistance to open, or you must locate and use a lift to gain access to a higher or lower floor.

Faced with the challenge of providing an effective accessibility solution for students with disabilities led Pates Grammar School in Cheltenham to seek advice and support from TVM Bristol and Cheltenham.

The school’s development officer, Shirley Park explains: “From 2011 – 2015 TVM kindly sponsored a House at Pates. Through corporate sponsorship, funds have enabled students to benefit from various extracurricular activities such as sports, music and drama. The sponsorship has been incredibly valuable.”

“In 2015 when the O’Leary’s youngest son finished his education at Pates, it was mutually agreed to change the way TVM would continue to support the school, in the first instance, with an accessibility solution.”

Students with a range of disabilities attend Pates Grammar.

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There is a lift that operates between floors, however the design of the school means there are several heavy doors which inevitably makes access difficult. Getting between classes proved to be as challenging as an obstacle course. It was a real issue.

“TVM expertly and efficiently arrived with a solution – to fit button operated door openers in the busiest traffic areas in the school.”

“As with all new things, the students and staff went through a learning curve because a button had to be pressed to open the doors. Students have found the door openers to be fantastically useful, especially those in wheelchairs, as the button is positioned at the right height which makes it easy to use. The work was completed during a half term break which limited any disruption.”

“The work delivered by Kevin and his team was excellent. They listened and identified our immediate need and provided an easy to use accessibility solution. TVM is brilliant at understanding the customer’s point of view and they deliver a highly personal service”, commented Shirley.

Now, with a greater awareness to provide ease of access for all, the installation of door openers is a positive asset for Pates Grammar, especially in their endeavours to attract prospective students with disabilities in the future.

To find out how TVM Bristol and Cheltenham can provide a bespoke accessibility solution for your home, school or organisation, please email or call 01242 663800/01454 501121.

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