How Bespoke Are The Solutions for Your Clients?


At TVM Cheltenham Ltd we have an honest working approach, with integrity in all we do. Our service is tailored to each individual client and we avoid restricting ourselves to one piece of equipment, instead we fit the most appropriate piece of equipment for each situation.

With this as a primary focus, as we’re in the business of delivering bespoke solutions for our clients, we’d like to share with you recent ‘bespoke’ stories of success. Read on to discover more about our work.

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Keeping it Personal Pays Off

We’d like to thank David Russell, editor at THIIS magazine, for publishing a feature in the February issue, on our personal approach to delivering a constant high level of customer service excellence.

Strong in the belief that the best service we deliver is down to positive communication. We listen because we care. And we know, as testament to positive feedback from happy clients, that keeping it personal definitely pays off.

Disorderly Eating Disorders

From February 27th until March 5th, it’s Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2017. 
Throughout the week there are various campaigns and events taking place, to raise awareness of how eating disorders impact upon the lives of people.
In response to a call from a client who’s mother suffers from dementia, we offered a bespoke solution to help. The outcome was positive, with the food issue sorted, and it gave the family peace of mind.

Access All Areas

Family run trampoline centre, Flip Out, in Bristol, were faced with a challenge for a party booking. They needed to provide access to the trampoline arena for a disabled girl, so that she could join in her friend’s birthday celebration. TVM was called in to deliver a quick solution – a modular ramp.
Owner Daniel commented: “TVM delivered an efficient process from start to finish. The team were helpful and courteous and the bespoke solution meant the little girl was very happy and the party was a big success”.

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