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Our Story

In 2000, TVM Bristol & Cheltenham was set up by Kevin O'Leary. Inspired by his 15 years of engineering experience and skills, Kevin and his team developed a successful business to cater to the mobility needs of people in the local Gloucestershire and Bristol communities and surrounding areas. In 2004 the business was incorporated.

From more than 25 years experience of work within the public and private sector, TVM Bristol & Cheltenham is now recognised as one of the UK's leading independent mobility specialists in the installation, maintenance and planned servicing and testing of a wide range of access and mobility equipment.

To maintain high standards, TVM Bristol & Cheltenham is committed to gaining recognition of ongoing quality administration systems, standards and guidelines. Accreditations include ISO9001:2000 and more recently OHSAS18001:2000 for our ongoing commitment to safe practices.

TVM Bristol & Cheltenham has developed an excellent reputation for delivering high quality customer service. Feedback and testimonials stand as testament to the friendliness of our engineers and our ability to complete work with minimal disruption or inconvenience to the customer.

Meet the Team

Kevin O'Leary, Managing Director

Three words to describe me: Helpful, Honest, Practical

I like to: Spend my time gardening and fixing things

I'd love to: Go whale-watching in Alaska

If I was a chocolate bar I'd be a: Milky Way because the sky's the limit

Catherine O'Leary, Finance Director

Three words to describe me: Vintage dress lover

I like to: Explore vintage shops, walk the dog, go to yoga and pilates classes

I'd love to: Own a campervan again

If I was a chocolate bar I'd be: Green and Blacks Organic Milk because it's elegant and exclusive

Phil Corcoran, Support Engineer

Three words to describe me: Conscientous, Dedicated, Musical

I like to: Go caravanning, spend time with my grandkids, play in my band

I'd love to: Take my wife to Barbados

If I was a chocolate bar I'd be: Twix because there are two different sides to me

Mike Walker, Servicing Technician

Three words to describe me: Ordinary, hardworking guy

I like to: Walk with my dog, build and race radio controlled model cars

I'd love to: Spend more time doing the things I love

If I was a chocolate bar I'd be: Picnic because I'm a bit nutty on the side

Matt Carling, Operations Manager

Three words to describe me: Responsible, Trustworthy, Self-motivated

I like to: Listen to music, show my car and go to car shows, spend time with my family

I'd love to: Be successful, visit Niagara Falls and New York, see my children succeed

If I was a chocolate bar I'd be: Galaxy Ripple because I'm smooth with lots of layers

Charlie Cotterill, Maintenance and Installation Engineer

Three words to describe me: Hardworking, Happy, Positive

I like to: Spend time with my family and friends and go out on day trips

I'd love to: Take my family to Disneyland Florida

If I was a chocolate bar I'd be: Mars Bar because 'a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play'

Jamie Carling, Installation Apprentice

Three words to describe me: Independent, responsible, quiet

I like to: Keeping fit, going out and socialising with friends 

I'd love to: Travel the world and find a real sense of freedom

If I was a chocolate bar I'd be: Galaxy Minstrels because I can be smooth and soft, but very strong and tough sometimes.

Mark Pringle, Installation Engineer

Three words to describe me: Reliable, hilarious, genius

I like to: Travel 

I'd love to: Observe the Aurora Australis from the South Pole

If I was a chocolate bar I'd be: Curly Wurly because life is full of twists.

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