At the beginning of 2018, during our annual company review with our business coach, we decided our website needed some TLC.

As a shop window to our business, featuring a comprehensive range of products and services we deliver, we felt our existing site had worked well for us. However, with more people viewing websites on mobile devices, we realised ours was not mobile friendly.

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We received a customer enquiry from a lady who wanted to know how to keep food in the fridge for a loved one with dementia. She needed a product to keep a fridge locked to prevent food from being taken out by her mother in law.

During her search for a lockable product, the customer had contacted her local Alzheimer’s Society, the Memory Clinic and Telecare, to no avail.

Introducing the innovative LockitDown Fridge Lock.

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Bristol-based independent mobility solutions provider, TVM Cheltenham Ltd, celebrated 18 years in business in January 2018, as MD Kevin O’Leary plans for future growth via public and private sector projects.

From humble beginnings in 2000 when Kevin started out as a one-man band, the business has grown into the successful company it is today.

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Bristol based personal trainer and running coach for women over 40, Lesley Waldron, kindly road tested one of our Pebbell GPS SOS Tracker devices,across fields and down lanes, during summer 2017.

What was your first impression of the Pebbell?

I really liked the size and the shape and it felt quite tactile, even though this is something that is used as a functional piece of kit. It’s quite attractive which gives it a ‘fashionable WOW’ touch. I was curious about how it worked and the functions of little buttons on the side.

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With the season of change in the air, we’ve noticed a definite shift in focus toward new ways you can improve how you care for your clients.

Because we care about the work you deliver, we’d like to to help you assist your clients to live with greater independence in their own homes.

In this issue, we’ll highlight three recent care innovations we discovered, from digital aids and a great advice guide to support your clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, to innovative personal care solutions.

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Summer’s here and the time is right to talk about how making a real difference to clients’ lives truly does matter.

Since we last wrote in March, the TVM team has been kept fully booked, with installation, maintenance and servicing of equipment for our loyal clients. And we’ve embarked upon a number of new opportunities in the private sector, providing assistive technology and mobility solutions.

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TVM Cheltenham Ltd has appointed Mark Pringle as an installation engineer, joining the Bristol team.

From a background working in various roles within the renewables sector, including heating design and solar panel installation, Mark Pringle brings a wealth of skills to his new installation engineer role.

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Being able to get around school with ease is something most students take for granted. At times this may involve opening doors and climbing stairs.

Imagine you are wheelchair bound and you want to arrive at class on time. As you make your way through school, you’re faced with the challenge of heavy doors to open or ask for assistance to open, or you must locate and use a lift to gain access to a higher or lower floor.

Faced with the challenge of providing an effective accessibility solution for students with disabilities led Pates Grammar School in Cheltenham to seek advice and support from TVM Bristol and Cheltenham.

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At TVM Cheltenham Ltd we have an honest working approach, with integrity in all we do. Our service is tailored to each individual client and we avoid restricting ourselves to one piece of equipment, instead we fit the most appropriate piece of equipment for each situation.

With this as a primary focus, as we’re in the business of delivering bespoke solutions for our clients, we’d like to share with you recent ‘bespoke’ stories of success. Read on to discover more about our work.

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I don’t know about you, but WOW, we’ve definitely hit 2017 running since the start of January.

It really has been a amazing month of celebration for the team at TVM Cheltenham Ltd. We’ve had a birthday, been endorsed as a Trusted Trader and we’ve welcomed a new member to our team. Read on to find out more.

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