It’s a Triple Celebration for Us


I don’t know about you, but WOW, we’ve definitely hit 2017 running since the start of January.

It really has been an amazing month of celebration for the team at TVM Cheltenham Ltd. We’ve had a birthday, been endorsed as a Trusted Trader and we’ve welcomed a new member to our team.

Read on to find out more.

Achieving a triple success has meant more cake to eat and share around. There goes the New Year diet…

We’d like to thank you for making time to visit our website to discover more about the GPS Pebbell Tracker and Fridge Locks.

Happy 17th Birthday

Catherine and I are extremely proud to celebrate the successful achievement of 17 years in business. Along the way we’ve faced challenges, learned much, and enjoyed the ride. We’re grateful for the continued commitment and high standard of personal customer service that each one of our team delivers to our clients. Thank you all.

We’ve been WHICHed  

For our second celebration, we’d like to share this news.

Bristol-based independent mobility specialists TVM Cheltenham Ltd has been awarded Which? Trusted Trader status after completing the consumer champion’s rigorous vetting procedure that recognises and endorses reputable companies.
We are extremely proud to be endorsed by the UK’s largest independent consumer organisation which aligns closely with our company values.

Welcome to the Team

As a result of the increased demand for access to bespoke mobility solutions for clients in private and public sector organisations, we continue to experience year-on-year growth.

With growth comes the need for additional staff. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we share our third-celebration and welcome our new engineer, Mark Pringle, who joins the team from February 1st.

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